"I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Payant. The offices are brand new, clean and they run on time. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Payant takes the time to get to know me and treat me as a whole patient and not just as a body system.


Dr. Payant consistently answers all my questions before and after making my appointment. He is the first Doctor I have ever had that concentrated on wellness of the mind, body and soul. Since first meeting with Dr. Payant, I have started taking Protandim daily. I now wake up without feeling groggy or tired. I feel more energized, sharper and no longer feel like I have brain fog after a long day at work. For years I have suffered with knee pain and inflamation from failed surgeries and since taking Protandim, I no longer have those issues. My joints feel like they are cushioned and I have been able to get my life back without pain. "  - Michelle H.


"Met with Dr. Payant and his staff today. I absolutely love his approach to treating his patients. You can't find that comprehensive treatment in many practices today. He really takes the time to find out about each patient as an individual and treats the causes rather than just the symptoms. His non-traditional medical office is non-intimidating and calming. I'm excited to have him in this area!"  - Carrie A.


"I would most definitely recommend Integrative and Restorative Medical Center to everyone. Dr. Payant is very intelligent, a gentle person and is very dedicated to his profession. The massage I had with Heather was the best that I have ever had. Kuddos to both of them." - Karen M.


" Just from my first visit, it was a game changer for me to realize how stress (cortisol) had my blood sugar elevated even though I was eating a paleo-intermittant fasting-low carb diet....look forward to reviewing my Organix Acids testing. Thank you." - Georgia L. 


"Dr. Payant and his assistant (Jason) are great. They have a warm and welcoming atmosphere in this office. I had Botox treatment for my TMJ and Bi-lateral Cervical Dystonia. Dr. Payant was very informative and understanding. He addressed all of my concerns. Im extremely happy with my visit and would highly recommend my family and friends to him. Thank you again." - Heather V.


"Dr. Payant and staff are very professional, educational and friendly. beautiful facility and office. Very relaxing and accommodating. Thank you!" - Randy K.


" Very impressed by Dr. Payant! My sleeping issues were resolved after some tests and taking the supplements." - Rita D. 





“My experience was great!! A caring practitioner with excellent communication and listening skills. He spent 2 hrs compiling my medical history, he carefully reviewed my past and present test results and explained them to me in very layman's terms, I never experienced that before with any other doctor. He then proceeded to explain what he thought the best treatment was and what tests he recommended and why. I left the office feeling that a big weight was lifted off my back and for the first time I walked out of a doctor's office with a big smile on my face :) we are so lucky to have this practitioner in our area!!”
Miriam O.


“Wow. Possibly the best botox experience I have ever had!! This is the first time my temperature was taken to check for an existing infection. So nice and professional and gentle. Wow, so happy!!!”
Deirde C.


“Eveyone is amazing so professional and caring.”
Jessica  J.


"Thank you Dr. Payant and Jason for your help in facial rejuvenation. My goal was to look more relaxed, rested and happy. I didn’t want any obvious changes that looked fake or that people would directly recognize. You helped me achieve that goal. It’s an outside in feeling, because I look more rested and happy I feel that way. A friend who is a Dr. commented that my face looked really good and what did I do because he recommended I keep doing it.
I appreciate your attention to detail and care. Thank you again and I would recommend your care to anyone who wants to make positive changes to their life to feel better." - Susan H.


What are people saying about 

Integrative and Restorative Medical Center?

"Great people, great service, great experience."- Vicki E.