Aging Gracefully With Functional Medicine

There is no refuting the fact that the prospects of increased longevity have already been extended. Our increased lifespan is not largely due to doctors, as most would guess, but to plumbers. Improved sanitation over the past centuries have decreased the spread of infections that would have killed the average European during the Middle Ages around the age of 40 years old. It is predicted that 20 to 40 million people will reach the age of 85 or older by the year 2040. The cost of caring for our aging population will be in the trillions of dollars. Although our years of living has extended, the quality of life for many has not improved. Far too many are spending more years of their life in chronic pain, depression, and addicted to prescription medications. Our approach to longevity needs a new paradigm; just living longer is not acceptable. We need to improve the quality of life in these older years. Prevention of illness needs to become our country’s mantra. We are no longer satisfied with pharmaceutical band aids until we are told, “surgery is the next step.” Functional medicine is the key to anti-aging. Certified functional medicine practitioners are the Sherlock Holmes of medicine. We look at each person as an individual and find the root cause to aging. We look at fundamental changes in the immune system. If needed, we may supplement with thymic extracts to help improve the immune response. Environmental toxins, previous lifestyle choices and diet may have caused oxidative stress and damaged our skin and other tissues and organs. Organic plant based supplements have proven to slow down and even reverse the free radial damage. It’s not enough to feel good on the inside. We deserve to look and feel good on the outside as well. There are several non-surgical methods to reverse the signs of aging. Wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes can be relaxed with products like Botox® and laugh lines can be easily filled with safe derma-fillers. You can even help your body create its own collagen with homoepathic facial injections. Modern science has given us the opportunity to extend life. We need to learn to be respectful of ourselves and our limitations. Let us not forget, prevention is the best medicine and every day is a gift. Always remember, “It’s okay to look 50… when you’re 60!”

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