Peer2Peer - Practitioner Support

Consultations with Dr. Payant with other physicians are billed at $300/hour. Consultations from 15 minute "quick question" appointments to 2hr in depth sessions are available. Due to the extensive nature of the review process including reviewing the genetic data we suggest a one hour appointment for most case reviews. Appointments are conducted via Zoom or telephone in most cases.  
Schedule a Peer2Peer appointment. 
P2P 2 hours  - 2 hrs @ $600.00
P2P 60 min  - 1 hr  @ $300.00
P2P 30 min  - 30 min @ $150.00
P2P 15 min  - 15 min @ $75.00
( P2P 15 minute appointments are designed answer quick questions. Should a session run into more than 15 minutes, the session will be billed at the next minute range listed above)