Dr. Misha J. Payant, DAOM, MS

Misha Payant, DAOM, is a nationally recognized expert in geriatrics, women's health and clinical nutrition. As a functional medicine practitioner, he incorporates clinical nutrition, diet, nutrigenomics/epigenetics, hormone testing, Organix comprehensive profiles, DNA/Gene profiling/interpretation, facial rejuvenation and lifestyle modification to empower his patients to participate in their own wellness.


As former President of East West College of Natural Medicine, Dr. Payant,DAOM had developed and enhanced the medical curriculum to teach students a more integrated approach to treating patients and to individualize patient care.  Sharing the incredible gift of Functional Medicine with his patients as well as teaching new generations of future physicians to become gifted healers themselves, is a complete and life long passion of Dr. Payant,DAOM.  


Dr. Payant,DAOM graduated, Summa Cum Laude, from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, IL. He continued his education by attending Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in pursuit of the highest accredited degree in the field, Doctor or Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He graduated with two specialties: Geriatrics and Women's Health.


Dr. Payant,DAOM completed clinical rotations in Cosmetic Medicine at Shu Guan hospital in Shanghai, China, Shu Guan hospital is one of the world's largest integrative hospitals offering Western and Oriental Medicine. Some of his rotations were in orthopedics, oncology, gynecology, surgery ,urology. and especially Cosmetic Medicine. He has actively contributed to the community by volunteering at TPAN (Test Positive Aware Network) in Chicago, IL.


As a physician, he helps women with a variety of issues such as menstrual irregularities, peri/post-menopause and enhancing fertility. Examples of men's health issues treated are: prostate health, erectile dysfunction and chronic pain.


Dr. Payant, DAOM has a firm belief that the key to treating chronic conditions is finding the root cause and then treating the downstream effect they have on the body. He is a progressive 21st Century physician who believes it is essential to treat the actual condition a patient may have rather than just masking the symptoms. Each patient is a unique individual and can expect to be treated as one. We all come with our own unique set of genes, problems/conditions and lifestyles. Dr. Payant,DAOM believes that each patient is entitled and should expect to have a physician who will listen, care and create a treatment protocol that is unique and specifically designed just for them.



  • Doctorate, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine: Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

  • Master of Science, Oriental Medicine: Midwest College of Oriental Medicine

  • Bachelor of Science: Nutrition: Midwest College of Oriental Medicine



  • Certified Primary Care Practitioner - Functional Medicine University

  • Injection & Laser Therapies - Florida Board of Acupuncture

  • Diplomate, Chinese Herbology - NCCAOM

  • Diplomate, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - NCCAOM

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - Leidecker Institute



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Dr. Payant,DAOM served in the U.S. Navy as a Russian linguist.  He completed basic training in San Diego, CA and was then stationed to a Fort Ord satellite base in Monterey, CA.  During his wartime service of Desert Storm, Dr. Payant,DAOM was honored by receiving the National Defense Service Medal.